My favourite albums from 2012 A-G and 140 character reviews of why they are so great:

Aidan Knight - “Small Reveal” - A gloriously sound paired with the intimate voice of Aidan Knight, him and his band of Friendly Friends put together an incredible record.

Andrew Bird - “Break It Yourself” - Andrew Bird doing what he does best, creating intricate, violin scattered, pop songs all with a unique catchy flair that only Bird creates. 

Andy Shauf - “The Bearer of Bad News” -  A perfect example of the modern Canadian songwriter, Andy Shauf’s vivid creativity lyrically in his new record is something incredible. 

Bahamas - “Barchords” - Afie Jurvanen’s sensual melodies, voice, and the lyrics themselves, are all dealt in a poppy, body moving beat that’s hard to resist.

Cold Specks - “I Predict A Graceful Expulsion” -  The voice. 

The Daredevil Christopher Wright - “The Nature of Things” - Though the genre of “indie-pop” includes a lot of bands as of late, The Daredevil Christopher Wright is indie-pop at its, unique, finest.

Evening Hymns - “Spectral Dusk” - With its heartfelt subject matter in a delicate folk music style, Evening Hymns’ Spectral Dusk is an emotionally rich record. 

Glen Hansard - “Rhythm And Repose” - Sad folky love songs from an Irish music troubadour pretty much summarizes the solo record from Glen Hansard. 

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